FR Guest Racer Application Form 2018-2019

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FR Guest Racer Application Form 2018-2019

Our club requires all of our athletes and coaches to be insured. Any racer who has an active National Points card meets the insurance requirements. Any racers who do not currently possess an active National Points card must register as an active competitive member of Alpine Canada. . If you are over 18 and planning to train only, or will race in no more than one race weekend, the Masters Weekend Pass is a great option. If you are planning to participate in multiple races, the FIS or National Card is your best option.


Our club requires new equipment, primarily safety netting, to continue to keep our training and race events safe. Each family is expected to contribute by either raising money for equipment or by volunteering to help the club. We rely on volunteers to keep the programs running smoothly. Most families opt to combine selling FR neck warmers and volunteer hours. For every neck warmer sold, or one hour of club volunteer service, subtract 1 unit/hour off the required total (10).
For example: If a family sells 6 neck warmers and two family members each volunteer for a 2-hour session (4 hours combined) this satisfies the fundraising and volunteer component.

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